Accident Reporting is a must (AAT4210)
16 Safety Documents And Reporting
Accident Reporting is a must (AAT4210)
Accident reporting is a must. When something happens in a workplace that causes injury and/or property damage, it should never be ignored - and neither should a close call that had no serious effect on people or property.
Avoiding and controlling skids (AATZ0122)
19 Transportation Safety
Avoiding and controlling skids (AATZ0122)
Winter weather can produce several white-knuckle experiences for drivers, not the least of which is a skid, whose worse case result can be crashing into another vehicle or landing in a ditch. Not all skids occur in winter, of course. They’re...
Sewage exposure can be hazardous (AATZ0221)
03 Chemical and Material Handling Safety
Sewage exposure can be hazardous (AATZ0221)
Workers who come in contact with sewage can encounter some serious biological and chemical hazards.
Staying safe with bottle jacks (AATZ0222)
18 Tool & Equipment Safety
Staying safe with bottle jacks (AATZ0222)
The word jack comes quickly to mind when we think of a device capable of raising heavy objects off the ground. There are many types of jacks and while some are used exclusively for automotive purposes, others, such as the hydraulic bottle jack,...
Good and bad of phosphoric acid (AATZ0320)
03 Chemical and Material Handling Safety
Good and bad of phosphoric acid (AATZ0320)
Although phosphoric acid is generally considered to be safe, there are situations in which precautions must be taken.
Don't neglect small cuts and scrapes (AATZ0421)
09 First Aid Safety
Don't neglect small cuts and scrapes (AATZ0421)
They're often ignored as just a minor annoyance. Unfortunately, small cuts and scrapes can evolve into something a lot more serious due to infection.
Testing for combustible gas hazard (AATZ0521)
04 Confined Spaces
Testing for combustible gas hazard (AATZ0521)
Technology has come a long way from the time when canaries were used to detect the presence of deadly methane in coal mines. Today’s electronic devices have a much longer lifespan and much more sophisticated detection capability. Their use is...
Proper anchor points are essential (AATZ0522)
14 PPE Safety
Proper anchor points are essential (AATZ0522)
A fall protection system is only as good as its anchor point. This is where workers connect their lanyards or lifelines when using fall protection. If they are using the wrong type of anchor or it has been installed incorrectly, the fall...
Synthetic rope and web slings (AATZ0620)
14 PPE Safety
Synthetic rope and web slings (AATZ0620)
Asling is generally one of six types — chain, wire rope, metal mesh, natural fiber rope, synthetic fiber rope or synthetic web. While the two synthetic types might seem to be safer than their heavier metal counterparts, they require just as...
Traffic control in utility work zones (AATZ0721)
05 Construction Site
Traffic control in utility work zones (AATZ0721)
Utility service providers such as electric, gas, telephone and cable companies, often need to work on or near public roadways, work that typically requires less time than road construction and maintenance activities.

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